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Daily Dose of Dapper: Warm Fuzzies

Tux in blanket

We spent the last weekend in Wine Country at Grandma and Grandpa’s house again, and most of the time I could be found curled up on my favorite couch. But mom made the couch even more snuggly by wrapping a warm blanket (fresh from the dryer) around me. Pure kitty bliss! I fell right asleep and stayed in that spot until the sun went down.

Tux in blanket 2Tux in blanket 3Tux in blanket 4


Daily Dose of Dapper: R&R

Tux napping

First of all, thanks so much to all of my human and animal friends that wished me a happy birthday! I wish I could have celebrated with all of you! Now I have to catch up on a little R&R after all of that partying. This calls for a little cat nap, don’t ya think?

Tux napping 2

Daily Dose of Dapper: Makeup Assistant

Tux makeup

I like to sit and watch mom do her makeup in the mornings. Sometimes I even try to help by picking out brushes for her (by hitting them out of the bag and onto the floor), but she doesn’t seem to appreciate it that much. She takes so long though I usually end up falling asleep in the makeup bag.

Tux makeup sleeping

Daily Dose of Dapper: Lambie Snuggles

Tux and lambie

No matter how old you get, there’s always the one favorite stuffed animal you can never get rid of. I’ve had Lambie since my parents brought me home at 2 months old, and she’s still my top choice for nap time snuggles. She might be a little dirty now (okay, a LOT dirty), and the fur is all matted, but I love her and carry her around everywhere with me. Look how clean she used to be back in the day! Do you have a favorite stuffed animal or snuggle toy?

Tux Lambie 2Tux Lambie 3Tux Lambie 4


Daily Dose of Dapper: Imposter!


Wait, who is this?! It’s an imposter! It’s not Feline Friends Friday yet! Ohhhhh, mom said it’s Prissy, one of the cats from the cat cafe she went to over the weekend (traitor!). I guess she wants to give a little sneak peek of what’s to come soon in her review. Well, I’ve gotta say, she is pretty cute. And I’m in the market for a girlfriend…I guess I’ll let her guest star on the blog today.

Daily Dose of Dapper: X Marks the Spot

Tux crossed

…the spot where I shall lay my head and go to sleep. Mom doesn’t understand how this could possibly be comfortable, but I just like to get a good yoga stretch in while I sleep – two birds with one stone. Ooh birds, maybe I should go watch them instead of sleeping. Nah, sleepy town here I come! zzzzz

Tux crossed 2

Daily Dose of Dapper: Chin Rest

Tux chin sleeping

Sometimes a guy is just too tired to hold his own head up while sleeping. Luckily mom likes to use a little pillow on her lap when she’s working on her laptop, so I take advantage of a corner to prop up my head. And as a bonus, sometimes she’ll give me nice chin scratches too.

Tux chin sleeping 2Tux chin sleeping 3

Daily Dose of Dapper: Working from Home

Tux and laptop

As you might have noticed from past posts, when mom works from home I stand by on close watch, making sure she gets all of her work done. Usually I park myself on her legs (which are stretched out on the ottoman) and occasionally peek around the corner of the computer. But every once and awhile I will snuggle up in nearby blankets and sit beside her and watch her work…well, that’s actually getting pretty boring pretty quickly, I think I will nap instead. I’m sure she’ll get everything done.

Tux sleeping on the job

Daily Dose of Dapper: Dozing Off

Sleepy Tux

I’m feeling lazy today. So lazy, I didn’t even post until late afternoon. It’s just one of those days.

Tux awake

Ok, so now that I posted, can I go back to sleep? K thanks, bye!

Tux sleeping 2

Daily Dose of Dapper: Face Hugs

Tux face hug

According to my mom, just about one of the cutest things that us cats do is hug our face when we’re sleeping. You know, that little arm stretch and then we squeeze our face and then go back to sleepy town. I have to admit, it IS pretty cute. And for more cuteness, I decided to thrown in some gratuitous belly fluff below.

Tux belly fluff