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Tux Tuesday: Testing the Water

Ice mold

Tuna broth flavored ice water, to be exact. Do you remember the post I did a couple of weeks ago with the video of those little kitties licking the ice ball (click here for a reminder)? Well, we had another heat wave come through San Francisco this past weekend and decided to try it out! Mom froze some of my favorite broth treat (for flavor) with some water in these cool circular ice molds. She let it sit overnight in the freezer, and then next day popped it out into a little bowl to catch the water while it melted. Well…it was a nice thought, but just didn’t interest me. I wandered over, sniffed it and batted at it a couple of times, gave it a couple of licks, and then lost interest. She left it out for an hour to see if I wandered back over, but I just wasn’t into it. Maybe it needed more flavoring? Maybe I would have been more interested if it was in a different bowl? Who knows, but it was a valiant effort on moms part. Has anyone else tried this?

Tux tasting the broth


Daily Dose of Dapper: Road Tripping

Tux in carrier

This past weekend we went to wine country again to visit the grandparents! I’m always a little wary of car rides, but this one wasn’t too bad (dad made sure to drive slow for me so I didn’t get car sick). My favorite part of car trips (besides when they’re over!) is when we go over the Golden Gate Bridge – I like to pop my head out of my carrier and look around at the views. At one point a person zoomed by on top of some kind of bicycle (motorcycle) and I was so intrigued! Mom and dad were cracking up because I kept looking around for it and watched it very intently every time it went by us. But wow, how was that person moving so fast without a car!? I’ve never seen a person outside of a car before on the highway!

Tux and the gg bridge

Daily Dose of Dapper: Hump Day Musings

Tux glamour shot

I know I always post about my love of windows and gazing out them, but I had to post another window shot today because, how great is the lighting in this shot? I love natural light for a good glamor shot.

Tux watching cable car

It also seems fitting to post this on Wednesday (aka Hump day!) because we live on one of the biggest “humps” in the city, Nob Hill. The cable car runs right outside our window, and I wave all day at the tourists going by. Though they sometimes disturb my naps with their excited yelps and whoops as the cable car glides down the hill at exhilarating speeds (which is not that fast, but seems fast when you’re on a cable car). But as annoying as the dinging of the bell and the noisy people can sometimes be, I remind myself that I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S. and while they’re here on vacation, I get to live here everyday.

Tux watching cable car

Daily Dose of Dapper: Tux the Tour Guide

Tux guide

Hi folks, my name is Tux and I’ll be your tour guide today. Right now we are leaving San Francisco and are about to cross the famous Golden Gate Bridge. If you look to your right you will see Alcatraz…okay, I’m over this, time for a nap. Car rides exhaust me and are better off spent sleeping.

Cat Lady Covets: Kitty Crafts

Cat Love stamps

I first stumbled upon local gem Yellow Owl Workshop while browsing through Picnic, my favorite boutique in the city. Half of the boutique is made up of housewares (many of them San Francisco or California themed), and while walking around I found the most adorable Golden Gate Bridge stamp set (which I later ended up using on some of my wedding paper goods).

Cat Love tote stencil set

Just recently I was browsing the Yellow Owl Workshop website in search of SF-themed goods for a style page I’m working on (I work at a magazine by the way), and saw that they have cat-themed items!! Which are of course adorable and I of course had to share with our readers. They have a “Cat Love” stamp set that includes a kitty stamp and a heart stamp, and also have some really fun tote bag and tea towel stencil sets featuring cats which would be great for a craft day with little ones (or just big kids at heart). And for the accessory lover, they also have 22k gold dipped pendants packaged in a cute little vial (we of course love the cat pendant).

Cat Love pendant and tea towel stencil set

Cat Lady Covets: Lost Cat by Caroline Paul

Lost Cat book

For many cat owners, one of the biggest questions that runs through our brain is: What do our cats do when we’re not home? We sometimes find proof of their secret life – a glass tipped over, a stack of clothes that has obviously been slept on, a stray mint out of its wrapper in the middle of the floor. But what if they were to leave us for weeks with no warning, and one day just stroll back in the door like nothing had happened. What did they do in this alternate life? That’s exactly what happened to Caroline Paul (author) and partner Wendy MacNaughton (illustrator), and they decided to turn their story into a book. Their hilarious and heartfelt tale follows their search for their cat, and shows what desperate lengths people will go to in bringing back a member of their family. Lost Cat is not only a book for animal and cat lovers, but for anyone that has ever done anything desperate for love. It’s a quick read (a perfect beach-day companion) with quirky illustrations and infographics along the way.

Lost cat book

For more info on the author/illustrator and the book, check out their interactive site (it’s just as adorable as the book). But don’t just take my word for it – this playful video pretty much sums up the fun feeling of the book and explains what it is all about. If you like the video, you’ll love the book.

Daily Dose of Dapper: Window Gazing

Tux at window

I live on a cable car line in San Francisco, so this little sun spot in the bay window is one of my favorite spots to hang out and people-watch. My parents made me a bed out of a Fancy Feast box and a towel (a little janky, but it works) and it’s just the perfect size for little old me (all 3 lbs of me). I see all sorts of things from here – birds, bugs, tourists, cars, dogs, police chases, naked people, cable cars…the list goes on. The cable cars are kind of loud for my taste, but I’m starting to get used to them.

Tux people watching