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Daily Dose of Dapper: Monday Melancholy

Tux tongue out

Phooey! That’s what I have to say about Monday. I hate when my parents have to leave me to go to work during the day (I miss the endless snuggles and treats of the weekend). Though at least this week is a short week because of the holiday!

Tux tongue out 2Tux tongue out 3


Daily Dose of Dapper: Dozing Off

Sleepy Tux

I’m feeling lazy today. So lazy, I didn’t even post until late afternoon. It’s just one of those days.

Tux awake

Ok, so now that I posted, can I go back to sleep? K thanks, bye!

Tux sleeping 2

Daily Dose of Dapper: Shadow Play

Tux shadow

I was sitting on this blanket the other day and mom thought the pattern perfectly aligned so it looked like I was casting a kitty shadow on it, too funny! I see the ears, but what’s the other one in the middle? It must be an invisible crown I’m wearing because I’m king of the castle! hehe