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Daily Dose of Dapper: Tea time with Tux

Tux making tea

Good news, mom seems to be feeling not so sick anymore, yay! I think it was all thanks to my excellent nursing skills. I made her tea (and even made sure it wasn’t too hot to drink) and provided lots of lap cuddles and purrs. Awhile ago I had blogged about how kitty purrs have magical healing powers and I think it worked, don’t you?

Tux checking the tea temperatureTux sleeping

By the way, mom is drinking Rooibos Chai tea from Numi – it’s her favorite. A great caffeine-free tea option with the rich flavor of chai (and so yummy with a dash of milk and a squeeze of local honey).


Feline Friends Friday: Healing Power of Cat Purrs

Cat Purring Healing Power

A cat purring away on my lap is the ultimate relaxation. So much so, that I usually end up falling asleep along with my little fur baby. But who knew it actually has healing benefits as well?

The Friends of the Palo Alto Animal Shelter have come up with this adorable and informative illustration showing all of the medical benefits of cat purrs. Not that I need another excuse to cuddle with my little man, but if purrs heal, I’m encouraging as much happy cat purring as possible!