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Cat Lady Covets: Cat Trinket Dishes

cat chopstick rest plates 2

So technically these are called Chopstick Rest Plates in their online store, but I really think these charming ceramic cat dishes could be used for almost anything. They’re perfect for holding tiny treats, resting a spoon or tea bag, as a ring dish…even as a small dish for your cat’s moist food. There are two styles – Calico cat or Striped cat (shown below) and retail for $12 each. What would you use them for?

cat chopstick rest plates


Feline Friends Friday: Monkey and Crazy Cat Lady Ceramics

Monkey the cat

This Feline Friends Friday is going out to Monkey, another adorable tuxedo cat. Monkey is 3 years old and a survivor of hurricane Irene. Monkey loves going on walks on his pink leash and traveling. He also has three other siblings: Bull Bull, Baby Jesus, and Push Push.

Mugs and bowls

Monkey was submitted by his mama Chris, who is also pretty amazing herself. Her company, Crazy Cat Lady Ceramics, creates hand thrown pottery customized with images of your cat! You can also order ceramics already decorated with images of their adorable kitties. Even better, 5% of profits go to local no kill shelters.

Monkey with his dinner set

Monkey with his dinner set

Chris has been involved in ceramics for over 15 years and received her masters from the Royal College of Art in London. She works hand in hand with partner Shelly, who helps throw, glaze, and decorate the pottery. Help support them and their wonderful kitties!

If you are interested in having your cat or product featured, please contact us at tuxthedappergent (at) gmail (dot) com. We hope to hear from you!