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Cat Lady Covets: Cat Crepe Blouse

H&M cat blouse

I love a good cat shirt, and this one grabbed my attention for its cool color combo and low price (only $15!). The breezy crepe fabric makes it easy to wear right now while it’s warm outside, and also dresses it up a bit (not your basic cotton top). There’s even a little chest pocket that would be perfect for storing extra kitty treats.


Cat Lady Covets: The Cat’s Meow Necklace

The cat's meow necklace

I’m a big fan of Kate Spade’s whimsical designs, as you can tell from my coverage on the blog (here and here). I even own a couple of Kate Spade accessories, my favorite being this necklace I bought for myself after I got married. I’ve worn that necklace to death, where the gold plating has finally started wearing away.

But HOW CUTE is this necklace?!! I’m in love with it, and think I need to add it to my collection. It’s dainty enough to wear daily (see below on model), and I love the play on words. It would also make a thoughtful gift for the cat lover in your life.

The cat's meow necklace full view

Cat Lady Covets: Kitten Heels

Logan heels - Kate Spade

These shoes give new meaning to the name “kitten heels”….because they literally have kittens on the heels! And it’s a black cat to boot (we are obviously partial to them). Kate Spade always does cheeky accessories in a very classy way, and we’re excited they’ve decided to venture into the feline kingdom with their new line. What do you think, would you wear them?

Cat Lady Covets: Cat Embossing Rolling Pin

Cat embossed rolling pin detail - Etsy

Do I have any followers that love to bake out there? How fun is this rolling pin?! I had never even heard of embossing rolling pins until a coworker brought this to my attention, but now I’m imagining all of the cute cookies I could make with this. The best part is that you don’t even have to be skilled at decorating cookies at all (no tedious icing here) – all you have to do is roll the pin over the dough and voila! Insanely cute and easy to make cookies.

Cat embossed rolling pin - Etsy

I loved this pin in particular because of the expressive eyes on the cats and cute thought bubbles filled with mice and hearts, but if you search “cat rolling pin” in Etsy you’d be surprised how many pop up! Ooh and I just read that you can use this pin on clay too – would be great for making little Christmas ornaments with kids, or little bowls/ring dishes lined with this pattern. So many options. Would you give this embossing rolling pin a try? Do you have any other ideas on how to use it?

Cat embossed rolling pin cookie detail - Etsy

Cat Lady Covets: Peeking Cat Pillow

Black cat pillow - H&M

Throw pillows are a fun and inexpensive way too to infuse personality into your home – and if it’s “crazy cat lady” personality, all the better. We love cat pillows here at Tux the Dapper Gent (as seen here and here), but this one in particular reminded us of Tux. Just the other day we captured an adorable pic of him peeping around the corner of a chair (see below) – doesn’t he look like the pillow cat, peeping around the side of the fabric? We also like that the graphic on this pillow continues around the back as well so you don’t have an incomplete kitty. You could even put two together like shown above to form a whole cat, or keep lining them all up to form a continuous line of cats!

Tux peeking around corner

Daily Dose of Dapper: Dishing

Usually when mom and dad do dishes, I hide under the washer door and sneak-attack any feet or hands that come near my hiding spot. But lately they’ve been giving me some really yummy food, so I decided to repay the kindness and help out a bit.

First I inspected the back of the washer to make sure there weren’t any clean dishes left behind…

Tux at back of washer

Then I moved up to the front to start loading dirty dishes in…oomph…argh…okay, that was slightly more difficult than I thought it would be.

Tux squished in back of washer

Ok, loading dirty dishes in now…

Tux loading dirty dishes

And done, time for treats!!

Tux done with dishes

Cat Lady Covets: Tiny Cat Head Necklace

Cat Head necklace - Elaine Ho

I’ve been on a hunt for a perfectly delicate, silver necklace as an alternative to my usual gold necklace and I think I’ve found it. This dainty cat head adds interest without being too over the top, and the 20″ length makes it a good everyday necklace (easy to pair with most shirt necklines). And handcrafted in sterling silver by Montreal maker Elaine Ho, it has a homemade air to it rather than the mass-manufactured quality you find with most jewelry nowadays.

Cat Lady Covets: Paws for Celebration Wine Charms

Cat wine charms - Modcloth

There never needs to be a party or celebration to enjoy wine, but when the occasion arises that more than two people are enjoying a bottle together, these cuddly wine charms will help to keep glasses with their proper owners. Just choose your favorite from one of the six rubber charms and loop it around the stem of your glass. The sleeping kitty will protect your wine and look so cute doing so! Purrfect for cat lady gatherings!

Cat Lady Covets: Hungry Cat Linen Tea Towel

Hungry Cat Linen Tea Towel

This adorable linen tea towel has it all – vibrant colors, a fun graphic design, a cute saying, great fabrication, and most importantly, cats. And it matches my kitchen color scheme, so I think it’s a must-buy, don’t you agree?

It’s almost too cute to clean with, but the 100% linen towel from Peppergum is so durable and absorbent that it would be a shame not to. Linen actually gets better and softer with age, and is lint-free, so it wont leave pieces of fluff on glassware or mirrors. And it’s smooth and long fibers actually help the material to resist dirt and stains – who knew?! I always thought it was a luxury fabric, but knowing all of this I’m convinced to clean with linen towels now.

Linen Tea Towel detail

There’s a message on the towel that says ‘No one cleans a dish better than a hungry cat,’ but I might have to disagree – no one cleans better than this dish towel! I have insider info that they have a new cat design in the works, so I’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s available.

And if you have a product you’d like Cat Lady to review or feature, send us an email: tuxthedappergent@gmail.com