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Daily Dose of Dapper: Warm Fuzzies

Tux in blanket

We spent the last weekend in Wine Country at Grandma and Grandpa’s house again, and most of the time I could be found curled up on my favorite couch. But mom made the couch even more snuggly by wrapping a warm blanket (fresh from the dryer) around me. Pure kitty bliss! I fell right asleep and stayed in that spot until the sun went down.

Tux in blanket 2Tux in blanket 3Tux in blanket 4


Daily Dose of Dapper: Cozy Treehouse

Tux in blanket

It was nice and warm over the weekend, but in typical San Francisco fashion, it cooled back down today. Mom noticed me all cuddled up in my tree, covering my nose with my tail to stay warm, so she wrapped my favorite soft blanket to keep me warm. What luxury! And since it feels like a Monday (does anyone else keep forgetting it’s Tuesday?!), I’m going to sleep in.

Tux in blanket 2

Daily Dose of Dapper: Snug as a Bug

Tux in blanket

Ever since I got home from vacation I’ve been super cuddly and mellow. I think it might be worrying mom and dad a little, but I’m just content to be home and have my window perch back.

Last night I just curled up in a big pile of blankets near mom and dad while they were watching tv and just slept. I figure if I’m as cute and well-behaved as possible maybe they won’t leave me to go on another trip so soon. Though I already see suitcases sitting out again…sigh.