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Feline Friends Friday: Cat-Themed Wedding Inspiration


Cat Lady here, taking over the Friday blog post while Tux is off at a day spa (meaning he’s washing his paws in the water dish). I stumbled upon this wedding while scrolling through Facebook and just had to share. Why oh why had I not thought of this when we were planning our wedding!? Though Tux hadn’t joined our family yet (he wasn’t even born at the time!), and my husband hadn’t yet been turned into a cat guy, I’ve still always been a cat lover. Hmm…maybe future party inspiration. But for now, scroll on down and enjoy this paw-some and cat-tacular wedding!


Featuring the wedding of Lauren and Brian, originally posted on Green Wedding Shoes.

Lauren: When we were planning our wedding, we really wanted to incorporate our two favorite things in the world, our cats. I think a lot of our friends heard “cat-themed wedding” and said, “Hmm. Sounds about right for you two!” We wanted to imbue our feline festivities with a vintage vibe, and we turned to postcards, children’s books, and porcelain figurines for inspiration. We even brought our two furry feline friends all the way to Ojai to join us!


To see their full wedding details and more pictures, click here.


Cat Lady Covets: Peeking Cat Pillow

Black cat pillow - H&M

Throw pillows are a fun and inexpensive way too to infuse personality into your home – and if it’s “crazy cat lady” personality, all the better. We love cat pillows here at Tux the Dapper Gent (as seen here and here), but this one in particular reminded us of Tux. Just the other day we captured an adorable pic of him peeping around the corner of a chair (see below) – doesn’t he look like the pillow cat, peeping around the side of the fabric? We also like that the graphic on this pillow continues around the back as well so you don’t have an incomplete kitty. You could even put two together like shown above to form a whole cat, or keep lining them all up to form a continuous line of cats!

Tux peeking around corner

Cat Lady Covets: Meow Measuring Cups

Kitty measuring cups - Modcloth

I don’t know what it is, but we always seem to lose measuring cups in our household. I think some may have become scoops for various things (one is in the kitty dry food bag), but who knows where the rest are. I’ve been on the search for a cute replacement set so I can stop trying to guess what percentage of the 1/2 cup would equal a 1/3 cup when baking (I still have no idea). I think these stacking kitty measuring cups would fit the bill very nicely, don’t you? The different colored cups make them easy to tell apart when you are grabbing one while cooking, and the fact they’re ceramic rather than plastic gives them a bit more elegance. Who’s ready to bake now?!

Cat Lady Covets: Purr-fect Doormat

Purr-fect doormat - Modcloth

What better way to welcome guests into your home than with a doormat covered in playful black kitties? It says you love cats, and is also of course functional in keeping the dirt out of your house and on the mat instead!

Cat Lady Covets: Paw Doorstop

Paw doorstop

If you are a cat owner, you can definitely relate to the above image. Without fail, every time I go into the bathroom and shut the door, seconds later I’ll hear Tux meowing and a paw will come shooting under the door, saying “hey, hellllooooo, did you forget I’m out here, let me in!” A cat owner also knows you will never have privacy in the bathroom again.

But we’ve come to expect, and love, those little paws under the door. So why not have them everywhere as part of your decor? These quirky doorstoppers from Modcloth lend a helping paw in keeping heavy doors open, and also add a dash of cute to your home or office.

Doorstopper detail - Modcloth